The Apple Post

Apple allowing Apple Music subscribers to gift a month free subscription to a friend

Apple is sending batches of notifications to Apple Music subscribers allowing them to gift a free month’s worth of Apple Music access to a friend who isn’t currently a paid subscriber to the service.

The recipient of the free trial will see their subscription renew a month after signing up and accepting the invite, or one month after the standard free-month-free trial ends, meaning those new to Apple Music will get a total of four months free.

Not all Apple Music subscribers are receiving the gifting option, but Apple will most likely roll out the feature to greater numbers of users over the coming days.

Last week The Apple Post reported Apple is trying to tempt back previous Apple Music subscribers by offering a second 3-month free trial of the service, with push notifications being sent to mass amounts of iOS users who have either canceled their paid membership, or never continued to use the service beyond their initial free trial.