150+ new emoji coming to iPhone and iPad later this year

iPhone Emoji

The Unicode Consortium has revealed 150+ new emoji characters destined to arrive on iPhone and iPad later this year shortly after the public release of iOS 12, including superheroes, super-villains, redheads, new animals, food and more.

It has previously been reported that iOS 12 will only be a minor update to focus on refinements and fixes to iron out iOS performance and reliability issues, however that doesn’t mean Apple won’t include killer new emoji to fuel your emoji addition.

The update includes 77 new emoji, however with some of the additions including multiple skin tones the total of new characters has exceeded 150. Jeremy Burge, head of Emojipedia has shared the below video to showcase the new emoji characters. The Unicode Consortium has added new kangaroo, parrot, peacock, swan, badger, llama, lobster, hippopotamus, raccoon, and mosquito emoji alongside  bagel, lettuce, mango, cupcake and more.

The Apple Post reported on Sunday that Apple appears to be in the midst of updating their App Review Guidelines to state that apps using Apple emoji for user interface icons are now a misuse of Apple intellectual property following the news that the App Review team are rejecting new App Store submissions and updates which contain emoji which are used in non-keyboard based situations.

Redhead emoji look set to finally appear on iOS following reports back in January 2017. Redheaded smartphone users have long awaited Apple adding an emoji to better represent their auburn locks, with a petition that already has over 20,260 supporters on Change.org campaigning for their ‘glorious gingerness’ to make it onto the screens of iOS users worldwide.

A full list of the newly announced emoji can be found below…

Unicode Emoji 11.0 Characters | Via Unicode